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For press and general inquiries, contact our headquarters today:

3340 Peachtree Rd. Suite 1800

Atlanta, GA 30326



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Putting My Experience
to Work

The Michael Fulmore Foundation was

established with the mission to revitalize communities, create hope by creating as many homeowners as possible. 

We are changing the world one community at a time. We are focused on stabilizing communities by preserving and redeveloping its real estate, parks, playgrounds and open fields. 

It is our strong belief that we can revitalize

 communities and create hope amongst residents. The Fulmore Foundation creates profits and redistributes its profits back to the communities we serve. For-or-More-Than-Profit is at the core of our philosophy as we pursue lucrative venture with a social conscience. Become a part of our network of supporters and sponsors to continue our mission of changing lives and create more than ventures, but hope. 

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